GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #10 | Page 2

HITCHING UP WITH MAX TAYLOR TIMING’S EVERYTHING Plenty of free camps are time limited, whether it’s a 48-hour maximum stay or a week. But should that be the case? This is Australia, right? Isn’t it our right as Australians to plonk ourselves by the coast and only move when the esky has run dry? Well, ours is also the land of the fair go. The time limits are in place to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy that same campsite. To set yourself up, get comfy, and refuse to move after staying the maximum allowed time is patently unfair to other campers. So is running the generator until midnight, but don’t get me started on that. Every site has its inconsiderate camper. Or, as my mother used to say, there’s one cuckoo in every clock. And you’ll find them all over. In the Top End, where one might reasonably expect solitude, peace and quiet, one festive gentleman parked his camper right next to us, despite the wide availability of sites elsewhere. MANAGING EDITOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS SALES DIRECTOR WEB DESIGNER Grant Manson - 0417 052 819 Darcy McDonald NATIONAL SALES MANAGER PRODUCED BY Max Taylor Robbie Mangoni + Ruby MacKinnon VIDEOGRAPHER/EDITOR James Manson GoRV Pty Ltd www.gorv.com.au Cameron Damon Media www.camerondamon.com.au PRODUCTION COORDINATOR EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES   Ashley Manson - 0438 051 354 Adriana Manson 2 Okay, well, perhaps he just liked company. Not much I could do. But imagine our… annoyance at being kept up until 2am listening to him sing Copperhead Road over and over. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad if he could sing in tune, but his drunken caterwauling was not conducive to a good night’s sleep. The moral: don’t overstay. Don’t sing until all hours. And if you must, anything but Steve Earle. gorv.com.au info@gorv.com.au