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HITCHING UP WITH MAX TAYLOR TIP OFF A few tips, tricks and clever solutions can make the world of difference when you’re on the road. Often, it’s about storage – how do you cram a week’s worth of food for a whole family into the pantry space provided in the van? We’ve discovered the benefits of SkyTracks, collapsible bags with zippered fronts that hang from hooks. These hooks are slotted into special runners that came with our Goldstream Wing III. And frankly, these bags were a game-changer. Another is water. We carry 60L of spare water in addition to what’s in the tanks. When the tanks are empty, this spare water is transferred to the tanks via a 12V pump that I power with the 100Ah deep-cycle battery in my 4WD. And then there’s the really good stuff, from applying car window tint to the van’s shower door to block early morning light, to rigging up your own clothesline using the van’s awning arms as vertical posts. These tips and many more are featured this month, courtesy of the ‘Four Hands in a Tin Can’ crew, a family of full-time caravanners whose tips have made their life on the road much easier. But what about you? Send us the RV tips that have changed your life – we’d love to hear and share them with all GoRV readers. Adriana Manson SAFE TRAVELS. info@gorv.com.au 2 gorv.com.au MANAGING EDITOR Max Taylor SALES DIRECTOR Grant Manson - 0417 052 819 NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Ashley Manson - 0438 051 354 VIDEOGRAPHER/EDITOR James Manson PRODUCTION COORDINATOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Rob Mangoni + Will Blazejewski WEB DESIGNER Darcy McDonald PRODUCED BY GoRV Pty Ltd www.gorv.com.au Cameron Damon Media www.camerondamon.com.au EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES