GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #38 | Page 2

IN THIS ISSUE 06 12 20 LIFE IN LOCKDOWN Coping with caravan quarantine FEAR BRINGS OUT THE WORST One touring family’s lockdown experience ECO-TOURER 510 OFFROAD Unique van with rising roof HUNKERED IN OUR BUNKERS Needless to say, it’s been a trying time for everyone. For now, the RV manufacturing industry continues to tick along, albeit at a significantly reduced pace, while the travel plans you and I had made lay dormant. Caravanners who are on the road full-time and who have no fixed address have found things especially… interesting. Anecdotally, some managed to bunker down in a holiday park that has been happy to have them, while others have been deemed a covid-19 risk and told to bugger off. We’ve seen signs posted on freeways telling travellers they aren’t welcome in that community. We’ve seen life-savings spent on toilet paper. We’ve seen idiots intentionally BY MAX TAYLOR cough on fruit and vegetables in supermarkets because, as I said, they’re idiots. So. How was your Easter? We set-up some tents in our backyard and even had a little fire going for the marshmallows. It wasn’t quite the same but these are not times for complaining. Rather, we’re all making the best of a strange but necessary situation. As we wonder when things will return to normal, now is a great time to start our travel planning. Much will depend on when and where travel restrictions are relaxed. My family and I are staying flexible, ready to hit the road as soon as we’re able. I’ll see you out there. Eventually.