GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 13

With the lid open, it’s time to step inside (the door has a neat flip-down step) and extend the curved tent poles that give the tent its shape, and then fit and extend the horizontal tent poles, which help to tension the 10oz canvas. If you’re so inclined, you can then step outside with the requisite tent poles to set-up the window awnings – each awning requires three separate poles, which are provided. OUTDOOR COOKING Like most camper/tent trailers, the emphasis is on outdoor living and cooking. While no kitchen is provided inside, Jayco has fitted a stainless steel slide-out unit to the rearnearside. This kitchen is comprised of a sink with tap, a three-burner cooktop, cutlery drawer, and a stainless steel bench extension. A large drawer is provided towards the front to house a portable fridge – an 80L unit would easily fit here – while more slide-out storage is provided on the offside. You’ll also find an offside hatch for access to a 12V control panel with switches to isolate the 12V circuits – the fridge, the lights and power sockets (there is a 12V point both inside and outside). A water level indicator for the onboard 65L water tank is also fitted here. A locker door is fitted to the rear-offside for access to the small storage area here.