GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 34

DIY DO35 V3PLUS INSTALLATION! The Al-Ko Off-Road Ball Coupling is available in a ‘fixed’ configuration for vans with electric brakes, and an override configuration for vans with mechanical override brakes. The fixed version is rated to 3500kg, while the override version is rated to 2000kg. One aspect of this coupling that I particularly appreciate is the fact it is quite possible to hitch up at a less-than-straight angle, and the self-guiding characteristics of the traditional ball coupling are mostly retained in this unit. This alone is a real benefit – some pin couplings will self-guide somewhat, but not to the same extent. The second generation of this coupling was launched in 2017. The original head design was improved upon in terms of operation and construction. Al-Ko received some user reports that it was difficult to hitch and unhitch on uneven ground. The construction of the head (which houses the ball) has been completely transformed to alleviate this issue, with the coupling’s ‘tongue’ modified to engage with the ball easier. The plastic components found on the first version have been replaced – the body, head and T handle are forged from ductile iron (a graphite-rich iron that is much more impact and fatigue-resistant than cast iron). A hole for a padlock has been added. Finally, the Al-Ko Off-Road Ball Coupling can be retrofitted, is compatible with weight distribution hitches (which should be removed when towing offroad), and is reasonably priced. RRP: $445 (3500kg version to suit electric brakes); $499 (2000kg version to suit hydraulic/mechanical brakes) MORE INFO www.alko.com.au