GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 52

SECONDARY WATER SUPPLY “We freedom-camp a lot at recreation reserves and beside rivers, etc., so our water tank capacity doesn't last very long,” Philip Morter told GoRV. “I have rigged up a water pump – the same make and model as the main pump – so it can be used as a replacement if the main pump fails.” Philip mounted the pump in a strong plastic toolbox large enough to hold any extras, such as fittings, filters and a short hose. The water can be pumped from a bucket, tub, etc., and can be pump into the caravan’s tank via a filter, if the water supply can be trusted, or directly into the caravan’s main inlet either via a filter or directly, and used to wash and shower with. For anyone considering trying this idea, Philip advises they “be sure to install the optional delivery inline filter as the diaphragm pump doesn't like dirt or sand”. When the secondary pump is plugged into the car or caravan via an Anderson plug, the van’s water source can alternate by turning on or off the main pump’s power switch, the same as when you hook up to main pressure in a caravan park. ANTI-RATTLE IDEA Walter Said offered this tip to prevent his tow hitch from rattling. The image shows a stainless steel turnbuckle ‘tensioner’ hooked to the D-shackle hole on the towbar, attached at the other end to the hitch by a bolt. Of course, not all hitches have such an obvious attachment point, but for those that do, this could be an effective solution to that annoying rattle. Walter has one of these turnbuckles either side of his hitch and reckons they work well. Don’t forget to enter for your change to win a Smith's Portable Barbeque worth $479! Email your entry to info@gorv.com.au, with ‘RV Workshop’ in the subject line. DON’T FORGET YOUR PICS! + ENTER HERE