GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 60

STILL TRAVELLING DURING THE COVID-19 ‘LOCKDOWN’ PERIOD, LIONEL WAS CONFINED TO QUARTERS. BUT HE WASTED NO TIME GETTING BACK ONTO THE ROAD AS SOON AS HE COULD. I've been bored stiff these past few months. I couldn't even go shopping as my lovely daughter did it all for me to keep me out of harm’s way. But suddenly, it was all systems go and I headed to Mildura for an Australian Caravan Club Lone Trekkers gathering. There were just a few us there but we had a great weekend. JUST IN TIME! I crossed the Murray just before New South Wales closed the borders to Victoria, and headed for Albury after a night in Deniliquin. I travelled in very thick fog for a couple of hours but I was in Albury by lunchtime and was soon set-up next to my daughter and her partner's caravan. My route to Mildura followed the silo art trail for a lot of the way but, having done the trail last year, I didn't linger. We held a National Muster and AGM at the Apex River Beach Holiday Park many years ago, but our Trekkers muster was a much smaller affair – but great people plus three lovely dogs. Michael, our organiser for the weekend, had spent quite a few years living in the area as a stock and station agent, so he was an excellent guide and told us a lot of interesting things as we travelled around the area. A highlight was our visit to Big Lizzie in Red Cliffs, Vic. This huge machine was built in 1915 to help clear the land for the establishment of the township. It had a system that put down steel planks mounted on the wheels. These were to allow Big Lizzie to travel on soft surfaces, such as sand, without sinking. With a speed of about a mile an hour, it took a long time to get anywhere, but as one of the four huge trailers Lizzie towed was a house – an early RV, I guess – they had their accomodation with them. Lizzie also had a workshop on her front deck for running repairs. See you down the track. Big Lizzie: a fascinating attraction in Red Cliffs, Vic. + READ FULL STORY