GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 62

R I S E O F T H E GREEN NOMAD HOW ARE YOUR TRAVELS AFFECTING THE ENVIRONMENT? THE GREEN LIFE The thing we have noticed most is that you just don’t need as much stuff as you think! Being a full-time family living on the road in our Coromal caravan for the last 10 months has been the most freeing experience we could ever have imagined, and most of all it has made us become conscious consumers. The ‘footprint’ this lifestyle leaves is enthusiastically small compared to our previous living experience of a three-bedroom house. The idea of being more conscious in our buying choices helps us reduce the need to purchase single-use items, and also to say no to the extra packaging that is regularly available disguised as ‘convenience’. We have been living a ‘low-tox' life for the past seven years as we were given no solid answers to our (in)fertility woes. We slowly removed everything we could that may have been a contributing factor, including the microwave, all plastic food and storage containers, and anything that had toxic ingredients to aid in cleaning. This led us to use all-natural products wherever possible and seek alternatives as we went. During our IVF journey (more like a rollercoaster!), we were fortunately introduced to the world’s purest essential oils and their ability to have a positive impact and use in every part of our lives, from cleaning to cooking and, most importantly, our health and well-being!