GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 65

New Avida stock is already available at Avida Sunshine Coast/Green RV, including the popular Esperance motorhome (with slideout), the compact Ceduna motorhome (with a rear club lounge) and the recently-launched Mercedes Benz-Sprinter Silverton motorhome (see review on page 38). Avida Sunshine Coast/Green RV is at 6 Owen Creek Road, Forest Glen, Qld. + MORE INFO CALL OF THE WILD MORE INFO Tent camping. Arguably, it’s the most ‘pure’ form of modern camping. But you’ll need a decent tent to do it, and BlackWolf’s Turbo Tents come highly recommended. BLACKWOLF TURBO TENTS RRP: $1099 to $1699 www.blackwolf.com.au Designed to withstand most weather conditions, and standing just over 2m high, Turbo Tents are famous for their ‘rapid pitch’ system that allows them to be erected in moments. With a range of options available, there is plenty of scope to customise your camping setup. Need a bigger living area? No problem: just buy some side panels or an extender for your awning.