GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #42 | Page 65

THE WALLABY TRACK WITH LIONEL MUSSELL SOMEWHERE OVER THE BORDER AFTER AN EVENTFUL JOURNEY, LIONEL FINALLY ARRIVES AT HIS DESTINATION… Despite having all the correct paperwork, I still had a strange, guilty feeling as I crossed the border into Queensland, where I had been longing to be for months. It was touch and go because the New South Wales border had slammed shut a day after I'd crossed the Murray River as part of my journey to Walkamin Van Park, Qld. After spending some time in Albury, I journeyed to Kidman's Camp in Bourke, where I walked to where the Paddle Vessel Jandra was anchored. It is used for cruises on the river but my feet were itchy for Queensland so I only stayed one night in that nice camp. The next morning, I headed for the dreaded border, and to my relief the friendly policeman just checked my border pass and scrutinised the caravan park invoices showing where I'd stayed in New South Wales. That was that. Although the road to Muttaburra was singlelane in parts, it was quite pleasant to be in the outback. Hughenden was my destination that day, but I had just entered Hughenden in my GPS without checking a map. Mistake! Suddenly, I was on a 200km gravel road! Just the middle stoney track was drivable as the sides were loose. I only met three vehicles during the 200km drive. One was an idiot coming towards me on a wider stretch, making no attempt to slow down. His dust cloud blanked out my vision but as I'd slowed right down, it was okay. What wasn't okay was the dust that came in the window as I hadn't wound it up in time. It was a great relief to arrive at Hughenden Caravan Park and sit down to fill out yet another form stating where I'd been for the past 14 days. Eventually, I arrived at the lovely Walkamin Caravan Park. I booked in for a month but I'll probably stay much longer. I have quite a few friends here and it's been great catching up – socially distancing, of course! The PS Jandra + READ FULL STORY / 65