GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #45 | Page 56

By way of first impressions , the Vision range hit the sweet spot where luxury meets practicality . When I stood back to appraise the range , the words ‘ fetching ’ and ‘ substantial ’ came immediately to mind . While clever design-work makes them attractive , the word ‘ substantial ’ embraces several aspects .
A sensible travel height and good exit and entry angles suggests the Vision range should travel well over most types of terrain .
With that said , it ’ s important that the chassis is sturdy . And it is . Boasting 150x50mm hotdipped galvanised steel is certainly a great start . Each Vision hybrid includes independent airbag suspension with twin shocks , giving each rig the ability to level on arrival or raise for offroad travel .
Construction-wise , there ’ s no timber anywhere in sight . Water can ’ t rot the Vision range ’ s aluminium cabinetry , German engineered composite walls and roof , or its poly honeycomb floor .
Each rig also includes a heavy-duty front storage box and a firewood rack , two spare wheels , as well as rear recovery points .
Sometimes , it ’ s the details that tell the story . While these rigs are a handy size – that is , the range spans 12 to 16ft – they come with chunky 17in offroad tyres . Don ’ t worry , each Vision is built with two rear steel rings designed to handle an optional ‘ mountaineering ’ style rig that will support the weight of each tyre to help you lower a spare to the ground or re-load your flat on the back . None of the display vans were fitted with that option , though .
After a long day on the track , you might not be too keen about tramping dust or sand inside – that ’ s why all models have an external shower with hot and cold water .
As everyone loves to cook outside , you ’ ll find an electric awning , exterior fridge and cooker . Just perfect for the gourmet adventurer .
After crawling under and around all three Vision models , it was time to check out the interiors . And when it comes to finish , the range looks just the ticket , each with stainless steel sinks , a quality compressor fridge ,
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