GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 13


As Victoria woke up after a lengthy lockdown , one of my first orders of business was to hitch this 19ft 6in Wonder Roo XXI Pearl tandem-axle rig to my MU-X and head off for a shakedown run .
Wonder Roo Caravans offers its vans in various formats . These include ‘ Bronze ’, ‘ Silver ’, ‘ Silver +’ and ‘ Gold ’. Each package option provides a different level of specification , with Bronze being the entry-level and Gold the topend . Our Wonder Roo Pearl was fitted out with the Silver pack .
The first thing I noticed as I headed north on the Hume Highway was just how stable this van felt under tow . In blowy conditions , I was able to maintain a constant 95km / h with confidence . The van used a DO35 coupling and I detected no ‘ porpoising ’ on the tow pin . I should point out that I was not using any towing aids whatsoever . The excellent towing characteristics may have been helped by the BMPRO electronic sway control system fitted to this van – all I can say is that I was impressed .
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