GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 17

There ’ s no denying the bathroom in the Wonder Roo Pearl is attractive . It includes a wallmounted front-loader washing machine , a generous vanity , offside cassette toilet and nearside , fully-moulded fibreglass shower that should not leak , being a one-piece unit .
If I was to get picky about any areas of fit and finish , it ’ s to point out an old bugbear : the cabin entry / exit points for plumbing look a little untidy . A plastic collar or similar would finish things off nicely . That aside , I found it difficult to fault the interior finish .
The Wonder Roo XXI Pearl in Silver specification is no lightweight . It tips the scales at 2652kg Tare and offers an ATM of 3200kg , giving it reasonable payload capacity of 548kg .
It ’ s worth noting that various upgrades outside of the predetermined packs are available . For example , should you wish to upgrade the suspension only , Wonder Roo can accommodate .
This van , all things considered , is well worth a look . Aside from it ’ s pleasing towing characteristics , it has a generous and wellconsidered fitout .
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