GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 45


Michael D ’ Argent is a photographer and videographer who is travelling Australia in a van conversion with his friends . But travelling up north , or in outback South Australia , presented a major issue : the lack of airflow .
“ Being in a van when it ’ s stinking hot and you ’ re trying to sleep , without any airflow , is not fun ,” he said .
We presented Michael with a simple solution : fit a Sirocco II fan . Michael , it turned out , was more than up to the task .
This van conversion was done primarily by Michael . “ Airflow is the most important component to consider when renovating a van ,” he said . “ The Sirocco II fan maximises airflow , and eases any worries travelling in the Aussie summer heat .
“ Unboxing the product revealed a simplified approach with minimal components to work with , making for an easy installation process . In the box , you receive the fan , a base plate , screws , nuts and a cable to hook up to power – the only tool you really need is a drill .”
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