GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 54

Checking wheel nuts using hand tools
With the vehicle now sitting back on the ground , albeit on a bit of a lean , a quick check revealed his tyre pressures were all at blacktop highway levels . That ’ s far from ideal for dirt roads like the Birdsville Track . This stranded traveller also wasn ’ t carrying any gear to measure or lower his tyre pressures , so we went around and dropped a bit of air out of them for him .
Nick was now ready to hit the track again . But there were still 400km of rocky road conditions ahead before reaching Birdsville . And without a spare , we thought he was taking a big risk if he continued . We suggested his best bet was to turn around and head back to Marree , where he ’ d have a better chance of getting the correct size tyre and possibly a spare that fitted his vehicle .
At least for his own safety , we suggested he give the Birdsville Track a miss until he was a little more prepared . With that , we offered Nick the use of our satellite phone to alert family that he was okay but needed to change his travel plans .
By now you ’ re probably thinking how on earth did this guy get it so wrong ? Well , it just goes to show how easily things can go pearshaped when you ’ re not prepared .
Track conditions can vary quite quickly
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