GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 56

If you have no choice and need to call for help , it ’ s paramount to stay with your vehicle . Set something up roadside so passing travellers can see you need help . There are numerous options available when it comes to emergency communications , so do some research . We carry a satellite phone for outback / remote-area travel .
Outback travel should incorporate a portable compressor and a tyre gauge
Stop immediately if you notice a tyre going flat to prevent any further damage . You will need a compressor suitable enough to inflate the tyre and carry a tyre plug kit . With a little bit of experience and know-how , you can plug the leak well enough to keep you going until a more substantial repair can be achieved .
Often it can be hard to notice if you have a flat tyre on dirt roads until it ’ s too late . Having some level of pressure monitoring for your tyres is a great idea . An alarm alerts you when things go wrong , so you can take appropriate action before it ’ s all too late .
The adage of being prepared still applies with today ’ s modern ways of travel , and even more so when it ’ s in the Aussie outback . Yes , a breakdown of any sort will stop you in your tracks , but having the right tools and some knowledge could see you mobile again sooner rather than later .
Interestingly , Nick was able to get things fixed and is now working on equipping his rig and educating himself to tackle the Birdsvillle Track again in the future . He assures us it won ’ t be his tyres that bring him to a standstill next time .
While this story could have had a completely different ending , lessons have been learnt and everything worked out well in the end . And that ’ s the best outcome we could have all hoped for .
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