GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 68

Using a forklift to move a fibreglass sandwich panel in the Windsor Caravans factory
Today , automated methods of production and a much larger selection of facing materials , cores and adhesives have permitted the production of composite sandwich panels that can be tailored to meet a vast range of requirements in diverse fields of application .
It ’ s been long understood that two materials with a lighter material in between them increases the stiffness and strength of a structure while keeping weight and costs low .
It also allows for greater freedom of design . In transportation , lower weight enables higher payloads .
Rising fuel costs and increasing awareness about the importance of environmentally-friendly solutions has meant innovative construction methods like sandwich panels are becoming more popular for structural design .
The choice of adhesive is critical
This fibreglass sandwich panel caravan is almost ready for its one-piece roof to be fitted
Every kilo saved in the construction of any vehicle , whether a truck , semi-trailer , caravan or motorhome , results in less energy needed over its lifetime .
The sandwich design is a great way of reducing weight while having a high strength-to-weight ratio and energy absorption abilities .
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