GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 89



When deciding how to protect your pride and joy , take a look at the new RVsecure system .
“ Our alarms are easy to use , contain the latest innovations in security technology and work hand in hand with our optional GPS Communications Hub to provide you with seamless and timely notifications of important security events as they occur right on your mobile phone ,” RVsecure ’ s Simon Kimber said .
RVsecure is available in a number of different package options , depending on the features you need . However , among the key features of the system are :
Anti-Tow : This feature activates the brakes on alarm and stops your van / vehicle from being towed . The sensitivity of the brakes can be adjusted .
Blue Strobe and Siren : Each package option comes equipped with a blue alarm strobe and highoutput waterproof siren .
Expandable : Fit up to 16 sensors to your van , depending on your needs .
Plenty of other features are included and we ’ ll take a closer look at this unit in an upcoming issue . Stay tuned .
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