GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #7 | Page 15

Introducing Trakmaster’s latest addition to their range of fixed design offroad caravans. Following the long tradition of building offroad caravans that are high quality, tough and extremely capable, the Pilbara S takes the best, most popular of the layout designs and sits as a package ready and waiting for your next adventure. The Pilbara S incorporates 5 full height layouts at 15’10” x 7’, two 16’10” x 7’6”, 18’6” x 7’6” and 19’6’ x 7’6” with all the basics plus a few extras to make your travels just that bit more comfortable. Hand built to the same craftsmanship standards as any Trakmaster’s custom built caravans, the Pilbara S is built like a custom caravan without all the hassle. Join us on Facebook! For more information contact Trakmaster today! 29-31 Waldheim Rd, Bayswater, VIC 3153 Ph: (03) 9720 0822 | www.trakmaster.com.au