GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #7 | Page 17

RV REVIEW | T S O M LAR U T! P O P YOU LA this fridge is powered by the onboard AGM deep-cycle batteries, the Pilbara S Series has dual 150W solar panels. It’s also fitted with a Redarc battery management system, meaning the batteries will automatically charge in the most efficient way possible. and oven (you can have a microwave in place of the oven, however), a reasonable amount of storage, a small amount of bench space, and a slide-out pantry. The pantry is part of a cabinet immediately to the right of the entrance. It slides out into the entrance step, which some might find annoying when it comes to POPULAR LAYOUT entering or leaving the van; The Pilbara S Series is however, it does make use of available in a number of lengths, from 15ft 10in to 19ft an otherwise ‘useless’ area. A moulded-fibreglass 6in. According to Trakmaster, the layout that comes with our bathroom has been tucked in the front offside corner, 16ft 10in Pilbara S Series is the company’s most popular. It between the kitchen and dinette. I particularly liked the is the result of years worth of external service port to the customer feedback, and I can shower’s plumbing. Should see the appeal. The kitchen is equipped with a hose or seal spring a leak, you’ve got easy access. a four-burner cooktop, griller Finally, the bedroom. Because of the upswept rear, the under-bed storage space is somewhat reduced; however, there is still plenty of useable space here. The van also gets a roof- mounted reverse-cycle air- conditioner, double-glazed windows with integrated block-out blinds and flyscreens, a Winegard TV antenna, and more. Naturally, you can choose your own colour scheme and option in some extra accessories, but the van can’t be lengthened, nor can you alter the layout. If you would prefer a shorter Pilbara S Series, you’d have to opt for the 15ft 10in model, or the 19ft 6in model if you want a longer van. gorv.com.au 17