GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #71 | Page 33

Marty with his wife , Kylie , and fur baby in the amber glow of their Drifta dual-colour LED strip light .
Twelve months ago , we took delivery of our third caravan . This new van is our full-time home so you can imagine it has a lot of creature comforts , many of which we have fitted as a result of our experiences with our previous vans . I ’ d like to think after all this time we have figured out what works and what doesn ’ t and that we have got the mix right this time around .
So when I was asked by GoRV managing editor Max Taylor to write a yarn about my three favourite accessories in our caravan , I really had to put my thinking cap on to come up with a final list . After careful consideration , I reckon these three bits of kit are the ones that make the most significant improvement to life in our caravan .
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