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I have noticed that you ’ ve been doing a lot of fuel economy testing lately with various vehicles . I just wanted to point out that these figures can ’ t be taken as gospel , as there are so many different variables at play . I own a Pajero and frequently measure its fuel consumption using the method you described in issue 77 ; however , my fuel figures fluctuate wildly , with a variance of at least 1L / 100km , depending on things like the weather and even the condition of the road , not to mention traffic , etc .
Jamie Smith
You ’ re dead right , Jamie . Any fuel test needs to include such a disclaimer , which we have always done . I do think , however , that it ’ s good practice to check your fuel consumption from time to time , and hope our articles have inspired others to check theirs . – Ed
We love our 10ft single-bed Bushranger Joey . I was surprised that in your article ( GoRV # 77 ) on the new 12ft model you called it a
‘ hybrid caravan ’. My understanding was that with a hybrid you slept inside and cooked outside .
We love the Joey because after decades tenting , everything that you need for cooking is inside out of the weather and away from flying pests . The Joey was the only small caravan that we could find that was not a hybrid .
They also have outside cooking , which we had deleted in order to provide more inside storage . We were very impressed that the manufacturer incorporated nonstandard features that we wanted . We love our Joey because it is not a hybrid .
Graham Jones
G ’ day Graham , I ’ m glad to hear that you love your Bushranger Joey . I ’ ve long thought this was an under-appreciated van . To me , a ‘ hybrid ’ is not quite a caravan and not quite a camper trailer , but something in between . Definitions aside , the Joey really is a good thing – it ’ s the sort of van I ’ ll be buying once my kids have grown up and flown the coop . – Ed
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