GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #80 | Page 7


One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to meet people who ’ ve just bought a new van and couldn ’ t be happier with it . That was the case recently , when I learned about this Royal Flair EcoMate 23 , a 23-footer with more equipment than you could shake a stick at .
This van was the new pride and joy of Victorians Rob and Prue , who had owned a Royal Flair caravan before . They loved that van so much that , when the time came to upgrade , it was an easy choice to engage Royal Flair to build their next caravan .
However , Royal Flair hadn ’ t made such a large EcoMate before . In fact , this van was the first of its kind to roll off the production line . Without a doubt , it ’ s a luxurious , carefully finished rig .
The EcoMate is designed to be a self-sufficient , off-grid tourer , backed by an extensive 12V system minimising the need for electrical hook-ups , and a large water storage capability . It ’ s easy to see why Rob and Prue are so happy with their new purchase .
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