GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #85 | Page 42

“ I don ’ t know where we go after this – I don ’ t know what our numbers will be ,” an enthusiastic Ruth said . With such growth , especially seeing so many new Hilltop owners gratefully attending this year ’ s event , Ruth was almost speechless . “ We have so many new people here who have never been part of this group before – they just watched us on our Facebook page … and this is what we ’ ve achieved . I get tears . I ’ ll be honest : I get tears .”
But what ’ s next for the Hilltop National Gathering ? Ruth reckons a gathering of 180 caravans next year might be possible . “ As long as Hilltop keeps building the vans , we ’ ll keep doing this gathering !”
As I left the gathering of Hilltopians , I was left with one over-riding impression : this was a genuine community . The pride they have in their vans , evident by the eagerness with which they talk about them , particularly Hilltop ’ s after-sales service , is palpable . I couldn ’ t help but think how lovely it was to see so many happy customers enjoying their caravans together and swapping stories from the road . I even met the owner of the very first Hilltop ever built . Ron Galia ’ s Hilltop Hotham , chassis number HC15 001 , was proudly in attendance .
It might not surprise you to learn that Ron is just as happy with his Hotham as he was the day he bought it . Honestly , it did not surprise me – when you spend some time with Hilltopians , you learn very quickly that they love their vans . It ’ s almost as though this family of caravanners have tapped into something rather unique and special . I think they have .
Ruth ' s husband , Brendan McMahon , is also one of the organsing forces behind the gathering . Together , Ruth and Brendan are passionate advocates of Hilltop Caravans .
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