GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #40 | Page 20

WHERE’S THAT DARN SATELLITE? WORDS AND IMAGES: MARTY LEDWICH, WWW.RVEETHEREYET.COM THERE IS AN ART TO SETTING UP A CARAVAN’S PORTABLE SATELLITE TV DISH. HERE ARE SEVEN STEPS TO NAILING IT EVERY TIME. Years ago, we were camped on the north coast of NSW. I was sitting under our awning watching a couple in a small motorhome set-up their rig. He was fussing about with a portable satellite dish, rather unsuccessfully as it turned out. No matter what he did or how he positioned the dish, he just couldn’t get a signal. Finding and tuning into the satellite that provides the free VAST TV service can sometimes seem impossible. But after giving the process some thought, I reckon I’ve discovered the most common mistakes owners make when setting up the system and each mistake is easily avoided.