GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #38 | Page 50

CARAVAN QUARANTINE IN A WORLD THAT FEELS LIKE THE PLOT OF A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, IT’S TIME TO PAUSE AND REMIND OURSELVES TO BE THANKFUL FOR THE THINGS WE CAN CONTROL. Over the last month, Paul and I have taken turns in having up and down, emotionally- charged days, as each new restriction came into play and squeezed us towards making a decision that neither of us were certain about. As a full-time travelling family, with no fixed address or ‘home to go back to’, we found ourselves (and others in the same situation) the subject of much debate. Just where do we go when our home is on wheels and we are being told to go ‘home’? As the shutdowns commenced, first national parks, then caravan parks, and finally state borders, we breathed a huge sigh of relief when clarity finally arrived concerning who constitutes an essential traveller. And with this news came a lifeline, an offer to park up the van and a place to call home for as long as required. Once we made the decision to bunker down, we were able to collect our thoughts and put some strategies in place to help us manage our mental health, and our 17m2 living environment… 1. ISO-BREAKERS When tensions and emotions are rising, take a break and enjoy an iso-breaker to lift the mood. Think quick and fun games for the entire family, such as craft activities, science experiments, treasure hunts, board games, jigsaw puzzles and so much more. 2. BRAIN FOOD There's never been a better time in history to access knowledge and learn. Why not start that course you've always dreamt of, pick up a book or listen to an audio book? If you hold a library card, download the Borrow Box and OverDrive apps to access over 30,000 free books, audiobooks, magazines and more.