GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 30

COUPLED UP WORDS: MAX TAYLOR THE RV MARKET HAS NO SHORTAGE OF OPTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO CARAVAN COUPLINGS. THESE ARE MY THREE FAVOURITES… 1. CRUISEMASTER DO35 Without a coupling, a caravan or camper trailer is, at best, a bungalow on somebody’s property. Or perhaps an expensive cubby house. There are myriad couplings available, from small suppliers selling a handful of units here and there to trailer manufacturers, to the big players whose couplings you’ll find on family vans and offroaders everywhere. Over the years, I’ve tried many of these offerings on a large range of trailer types, towing on various types of terrain, from smooth bitumen to gnarly offroad tracks. These are three of my favourite RV couplings. Cruisemaster has recently released a revised version of its popular DO35 offroad coupling, known as the DO35 V3Plus. Launched in 2009, the DO35 is arguably the most popular offroad coupling in Australia, with around 1000 sold every month to trailer manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers. This product has undergone multiple revisions in its lifespan. The latest V3Plus iteration is not an overhaul of the previous version; rather, Cruisemaster considers it an update, with changes to the dust cap (to make it seat better) as well as the bumper moulding (recessing the reflector strip to increase its longevity). Changes to the coupling’s housing allow it to now be mounted to the underside of a drawbar, too.