GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 31

Made from forged steel, polyurethane, cast iron and laser-cut stainless steel, the V3Plus – which I have fitted to my personal camper – is available with or without an integral handbrake, so which one you choose may depend on space on your drawbar, etc. Hitching up is a matter of aligning the coupling with the included tow pin and winding it on. The slide mechanism of the coupling will engage a groove on the tow pin and lock into place. In my experience, the coupling will ‘self-guide’ onto the pin provided the alignment isn’t out by more than about 10mm. More than that, and you’ll need to physically nudge the van into position, or move the tow vehicle. The DO35 offers one of the lowest height profiles on the market, making it very suitable for vanners who experience difficulty opening their vehicle’s tailgate when hitched up. As you’d expect for a true offroad coupling, the DO35 provides 360-degree articulation (vertical and horizontal) and is rated to 3500kg. A 4500kg-rated version is also available. The new DO35 V3Plus. Because the locking mechanism of the coupling isn’t sealed in a housing, it comes with the aforementioned dust cap that’s tethered to the coupling. This cap should be used when under tow, especially in dusty towing conditions. That said, the DO35 – which is compatible with weight distribution hitches – is hugely popular for a reason. I have personally towed caravans for many thousands of kilometres using this coupling and have never had a problem it. RRP: V3Plus price: $430 without handbrake; $475 with handbrake. Both prices include mounting bolts, tow pin and cover, and tool to aid pin installation on towbar. MORE INFO www.cruisemaster.com.au