GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 32

The Hitch-Ezy is expensive but it is also a highly engineered product. 2. HITCH-EZY The fully articulating Hitch-Ezy is at the highest end of high-end caravan couplings. Yes, it is expensive, but it is also a seamless, precisely engineered piece of equipment that makes hitching up a complete breeze. It has undergone a series of improvements over the years and is completely ‘hands free’ in operation. Sometimes, due to various obstacles such as a fence, tree or other camper’s vehicle, it is necessary to approach the towbar at an angle to hitch up. In some situations and for some couplings, the required angle makes hitching impossible. Not so with the Hitch-Ezy; in fact, this unit is all about trouble-free hitching regardless of the angle of approach. Its one-piece body is made from aircraft alloy, with internal bushes that require no lubrication. Its rotating lid defaults to the ‘open’ position when not engaged on the tow pillar, and will automatically rotate to the locked position when it is lowered into place. The primary and secondary locking functions, required by the Australian Design Rules, both occur automatically. The Hitch-Ezy is available with a 3.5-tonne rating, as well as a five-tonne rating. The 3.5-tonne Hitch-Ezy, which is 120mm at its highest point, has recently undergone some changes. Most notably, the secondary locking mechanism previously involved a button on the top; however, this button has been moved to the back, to the same position as with the five-tonne Hitch-Ezy.