GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 49

For your chance to win, send us highresolution images and a brief description of the clever modifications you’ve made to your RV, or the handy solutions you’ve found to common touring problems. Our favourite will win the barbeque! Note: your submission will possibly appear in GoRV, along with your name. Email your entry to info@gorv.com.au, with ‘RV Workshop’ in the subject line. + ENTER HERE WINNING ENTRY DOOR PROP SOLVES WINDOW ISSUE!! “Many (most) caravans have a window behind the entry door, which clashes with the opened door. With the door hitched open, the window cannot be opened – at least not fully,” John Candy wrote to GoRV. And, judging by the photos he sent us, he has come up with a neat solution. “I prop the door open with a longer steel rod. The rod is held in place by three brackets. Two are used to prop the door open. The third is used to hold the rod while not in use. “The brackets are cut from a single household door hinge – cut into three ‘female’ sockets. They are screwed and siliconed to the door and side panel. I found a suitable stainless steel rod in my shed – I just cut and bent it to size. “To use the prop, simply open the van door, lift the RH end of the rod from its socket and lock it into the socket on the door. Simple. The window can now be fully opened. The rod has never been lost while travelling.”