GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 50

RESTING IN AMBER “I installed amber LED lights at different points in the van to use when the bugs are bad. Bugs aren’t attracted to them like they are to white lights,” Wayne Perry told GoRV. LONG STORAGE SOLUTION “I had nowhere on my van to store grey water pipes or my fishing rods, so I made up two pipes, one for the grey waste (black ends) and one for the fishing rods,” Ray Mann wrote to GoRV. “So when I pull-up to camp, the grey waste pipes are right next to where I need to connect the van to the waste drain. Just unscrew the ends.” Wayne has installed amber LEDs over his van’s sink, near the dining table, under the overhead cupboards, and one near the shower door. PERMANENT SAT DISH HOLDER David Cook rigged up a permanent sat dish holder which, he explained, also assists him when he needs to step up on to the drawbar to tie off a clothesline. “The biggest asset is when tuning your TV,” he wrote. “The van was level when you last tuned it. Provided when you need it next that the van is level, it literally only takes a couple of seconds to move the dish in a horizontal arc to find the satellite. The pole is also high enough to see over the van to find the satellite.” He has also fitted a rack under the van’s bed to house the dish when travelling.